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Who do I contact in the event of meter failure?

The Local Distributor owns and manages the distribution network and the meters. Interventions such as repair due to breakage, restoration of power supplied, etc. are the Local Distributor’s responsibility. The telephone number for these services varies depending on the Local Distributors and is indicated on the first page of the bill.

What is the difference between distributor and supplier?

The distributor, such as E-Distribuzione for example, is the local company that distributes electricity and natural gas to end customers. He is the owner of the meters and local networks that transport the electricity, and as such, is responsible for the management and maintenance of these. The supplier, such as Italia Gas e Luce S.r.l., is instead the company that deals with the retail sale of energy to the final customer. It buys energy from the electricity stock-exchange or directly from the producers and manages the commercial and administrative aspects related to the supply of energy, thus supplying the electricity or gas to the final customer's meter using the distributor's infrastructure.

What are POD and PDR codes?

The POD (Point of Delivery) is the unique identification code of the electricity supply and serves to identify the exact physical location on the Italian territory where the supplier delivers the electricity to.

  • Always starts with the letters “IT”;
  • It is located on the top left corner in the first page of the electricity bill;
  • It is an alphanumeric code consisting of 14 or 15 characters;
  • Does not change even if you change supplier;

The PDR (Redelivery Point) is the unique identification code of the gas supply, it corresponds to the exact geographical position of a user's gas meter.

  • It consists of 14 numeric characters;
  • It is located on the top left corner in the first page of the gas bill;
  • Does not change even if you change supplier;

Can another person to sign the supply contract, other than the customer himself?

No one other than the customer, whose name appears on the invoices for the referenced POD or PDR codes or as the Legal Representative of the company or home to which these codes belong to, can sign the supply contract.

Why is the RAI tv tax charged on the bill? Can I avoid the payment of this tax?

Energy suppliers have the sole role of intermediary between users and the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) from which they receive a list of customers to whom the fee needs to be included in their bills and under what conditions. Therefore any possible reporting or problem concerning the RAI tv tax must be addressed to the Agenzia delle Entrate.
That said, qualified taxpayers can avoid having to pay the fee by submitting a request as reported here on the website of the Agenzia delle Entrate.

How can I make a transfer, take over, increase the power, etc.?

One of the many advantages that Italia Gas e Luce S.r.l. offers to its customers is the possibility of carrying out transfers (Voltura), takeovers (Subentro), increased power and many other services at no cost.
Contact our Customer Service at the toll-free number 800.94660 or send us an e-mail to servizioclienti@italiagaseluce.it to learn more.

What is SEPA Direct Debit payment (SDD) and how does it work?

SEPA is the English acronym for “Single Euro Payments Area”, which can be translated into Italian with “Area Unica dei Pagamenti in Euro”, and is the area where citizens, businesses and other economic operators can make and receive payments in euros, both within the Italian national territory and among the countries that are part of it.
The SEPA Direct Debit order is therefore an automatic payment method spread throughout Europe, which allows the supplier to be authorized by the customer to directly debit the amounts due for goods or services rendered from his bank account. Therefore, the supplier receives a signed authorization from the customer to automatically collect the invoice amounts in the agreed payment terms.
This is how it works: together with the supply contract, the debit authorization on the bank account is also presented to the customer, also called “SEPA Mandate” which, once signed, indicates to the customer's bank the latter's agreement to use this payment method. Subsequently, Italia Gas e Luce S.r.l. will charge the customer the amount of € 0.01 for verification and account validation purposes.

Why was the SEPA Direct Debit not successful?

The IBAN has not validated and mostly is for the following reasons:

  • No mandate – some Italian banks require the account holder to directly submit a copy of the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate you signed when registering. You will find this in the Customer Portal and in the copy of the energy contract you signed.
  • No funds – Ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the bill payment.

What happens if a bill is not paid?

As specified in the contract for the supply of electricity and/or natural gas signed by the customer, in the event of failure to pay a bill, Italia Gas e Luce S.r.l. will send a reminder of payment, having the value of formal notice of delinquency, by registered letter and/or PEC, according to the provisions of TIMG (Integrated Text for Gas Supply Delinquency) and TIMOE (Integrated Text for Electric Supply Delinquency). After the deadline for the payment indicated in the reminder and as described in the contract, the supply service will be suspended by sending the request to the competent Distribution Company.

If my supply is shut off due to nonpayment of my bill, how long does it take to reactivate it?

Upon payment, we immediately send the request for reactivation. However, the actual times of reactivation depend on the distributor. It typically takes between 5 to 7 working days for electricity and 10 to 12 working days for gas.

It is Italia Gas and Luce S.r.l. to issue the bill?

Yes, Italia Gas e Luce S.r.l. has optimized and simplified the monthly invoicing process for its customers, to adapt it to the new Italian laws on Electronic Billing.

By when should I pay the bill?

Payment must be made within the deadline indicated on the bill, which is typically ten days after the issue date of the bill itself. The good news is, the IBAN you entered in your contract will be charged by SEPA Direct Debit, before the bill expires, this guarantees that the payment is made on time, avoiding possible penalties.
It should also be taken into account that each bank processes payments with different timing, therefore we advise you to make sure to have the necessary funds in your chosen account to pay the bill, at least five days before the expiry date.

What are the payment methods?

Another advantage, that Italia Gas e Luce S.r.l. offers to its customers, lies in the payment method.
Thanks to SEPA Direct Debit, the customer no longer has to worry about physically going to the post office to make the payment, not only saving time and costs, but also saving paper. Furthermore, with SEPA Direct Debit, the customer has the peace of mind that the invoices are automatically paid by the due date, so as to never miss a payment.
Finally, the payment of the security deposit, which the customer has to pay to the supplier as a bill payment guarantee, is not required for SEPA Direct Debit payments from a bank account. (For more details see "What is the SEPA Direct Debit payment - SDD and how does it work").

Is it possible to pay a bill in installments?

Italia Gas e Luce S.r.l is here to help and work with our clients, if you are experiencing hardship, please contact our Customer Service by calling the toll-free number 800.946.660 or via e-mail to servizioclienti@italiagaseluce.it as soon as you receive your bill.

Why I never received any bills by mail?

Italia Gas e Luce S.r.l. is a 100% Green Company and as such, in addition to providing 100% green energy, it is committed to protecting the environment by eliminating the use of paper. For this reason, invoices are sent to the registered e-mail address instead of the courier service.

Why did I receive 2 bills in a month?

There was a delay in receiving the meter readings from the distributor and consequently the billing cycle was delayed.

What is self-reading?

Self-reading is the option that the customer has to read the measurement data of his meter by himself and send them to the supplier. This is especially true for Gas, given that all electricity meters are remotely managed, which means that meter read data is sent automatically without the customer needing to perform this operation. With Italia Gas e Luce S.r.l. the customer can do the Gas self-reading monthly and insert the values within the last 4 days on the month, every month, directly from the Customer Portal.

Why and when to do self-reading?

To understand why Italia Gas and Luce S.r.l. advises the customer to perform the Gas self-reading regularly, it is necessary to understand what is the difference between "distributor reading", "estimated reading" and "self-reading".

  • Distributor reading: When the meter consumption measurement has been carried out directly by the local distribution company, also by remote reading.
  • Estimated reading: If, on the other hand, it was not possible to read the meter consumption, even with remote reading, the supplier or distributor can estimate the readings of the customer based on historical data.
  • Self-reading: When this recording is carried out directly by the customer, and communicated to the supplier, it is called "self-reading".

Therefore, in the case in which estimated consumption data are used, these could be overestimated causing the customer to be charged more than the real costs. To avoid this, the supplier can base the invoicing on the precise data of the Gas self-reading (communicated monthly by the customer), so that the customer does not receive high true up invoices once a year.

In order to facilitate a precise and not estimated invoicing, Italia Gas e Luce S.r.l. recommends entering your updated Gas self-reading values within the last 4 days on the month, every month, directly from the Customer Portal.

What is the 25% Rebate Program offered by Italia Gas and Luce S.r.l.?

For each of your accounts that remain enrolled in the supply of electricity and/or natural gas with Italia Gas e Luce S.r.l. for 12 consecutive months, we will calculate what the average monthly usage is on the energy portion of your bill, then give you a 25% refund on this guaranteed amount! This applies to every year!

What is the energy and gas free market?

The free market is in force since the 1st of July 2007 (Legislative Decree No. 79 of 1999) for the electricity sector and from the 1st of January 2003 (Legislative Decree No. 164 of 2000) for the gas sector. This is the market in which customers can freely choose what vendor and at which conditions to buy electricity and natural gas from. In the free market, the economic and contractual supply conditions are agreed directly between the parties and not set by the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and the Environment (ARERA).
The essential characteristic of the free market is given by the competition between the various energy companies, which determine their own costs for electricity and gas tariffs, giving anyone the possibility to voluntarily choose the supplier that best suits their needs, selecting the offer and the service deemed more interesting, comfortable or convenient.
In 2020 the transition to the free market will be mandatory for everyone.

Who regulates the energy and natural gas market?

The market is regulated by ARERA - Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and the Environment - former AEEGSI.
As an independent body, ARERA regulates the sector in order to sustain competition and efficiency, safeguarding consumers' interests, aiming to determine adequate and homogeneous quality and service levels throughout the national territory. For more information, visit the official website www.arera.it.

How much does it cost to change supplier?

Changing supplier does not cost anything. There are no penalties, there is no need to replace the meter and there is no interruption in the supply of electricity or gas. In fact, only the sales company change and not the distribution company, so anyone is free to activate the supply with the supplier they prefer.
Once you submit your personal data, supply data, etc. and after signing the contract, the new supplier will take care of all the activation procedures without any additional charge for the customer.
It should be noted that some suppliers, however, do charge €16 to their customers for the costs of stamping the new contract.
Unlike conventional suppliers, Italia Gas e Luce S.r.l. does not charge any costs for changing supplier, for transfers (Voltura), takeovers (Subentro), increased power and many other services.

What is the social bonus?

The social bonus is a discount on the bill. This concession was introduced by the Government and made available by ARERA to help families in difficulty due to economic hardship, physical discomfort or to large families.
Application submission to receive the social energy bonus must be presented at the Municipality of residence or at another body designated by the Municipality such as the CAF (Fiscal Assistance Center) using the dedicated forms. For more information about the social bonus or to obtain the necessary forms, click here.

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